Vibeiras monitors the performance of its partners, particularly its supplier network. This is because suppliers are part of our service chain having a direct impact on the quality of our services. Thus, Vibeiras has a Supplier Evaluation programme, which identifies the strengths and opportunities for improvement of each partner, with a view to continuous improvement and monitoring of partners whose performance present non-conformities.

Suppliers are evaluated according to their profile (Supply of Material/Equipment, Services), each one comprising the following evaluation criteria:

Supply of Materials:

  • Responsiveness;
  • Quality of Materials/Equipment;
  • Compliance with deadlines.

Supply of Services:

  • Responsiveness;
  • Quality of Service, Environmental and OHS Performance;
  • Compliance with deadlines;
  • Assistance upon receipt;
  • Compliance with standards, Environment and Safety;
  • Relations/Communication.

The analysis of results takes place on an annual basis, with each evaluation being followed by an updated rating, which weights the entire supplier’s evaluation and leads to an overall average rating. The annual results are consolidated as follows:

ClassEvaluation result
( 0 to 100% )
A-level qualificationRating > 75%
B-level qualificationRating between 50% and 75%
(Under observation)
C-level qualificationRating < 50%
(To be excluded if not to show improvement in the short term)