Landscape Architecture Projects and Works

We are a Portuguese company specialized in the design, management, construction and maintenance of outdoor spaces, with over 30 years of experience.

Our sustained growth has led us to expand beyond borders, with several international projects mainly in Europe. We currently have permanent structures in several African markets.

Today, Vibeiras is proud to be a leading company in services associated with landscape design and architecture: parks and gardens, infrastructure, forestry and sports turf on an international level.


To design interdisciplinary solutions that combine land enhancement, sustainable development and quality of life for the users of our spaces.


To be a leading company in landscape architecture and design, ensuring solid growth and expansion of our activities through profitability, innovation and customer satisfaction.


The history of Vibeiras dates back to 1988, within the Visabeira Group, which is based in Viseu, central Portugal.

Its concept arises from a new principle of Landscape Architecture that interprets each work in its entirety in an interdependent and interdisciplinary way.

The strong entrepreneurial spirit of landscape architect Luís Pereira and a business group with great strategic vision led to the establishment of Vibeiras, the first company in Portugal to define Landscape Architecture as its purpose and design, as opposed to the traditional plant nurseries solely devoted to the production of plants.

Vibeiras was first commissioned in 1990 and has not stopped since, currently totalling more than 1,000 landscape design projects – from small gardens and simple squares to large urban parks or the renovation of an entire waterfront. Despite the differences in type or size, all of them share a fundamental principle: good work requires a good project.

Over the years, Vibeiras has witnessed profound changes and the emergence of new economic, social and environmental trends in the Portuguese and global context.


The results of the Organization are visible in the consolidation of the markets where it operates and the increasing loyalty of customers, who are concerned in maintaining credible and responsible partnerships.

Expo’98 was the event that put Portugal on the map of major international events and brought to its capitol thousands of visitors hailing from all corners of the world. Integrated into an extensive plan of urban and environmental redesign that transformed the run-down eastern zone of Lisbon to host the world exhibition, Vibeiras has benefitted from the importance of the event. Vibeiras was in charge of four major projects: the Passeio Ribeirinho Sul, the Triangular Garden (designed by renowned Landscape Architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles), the garden surrounding the Centro de Informação (also designed by Landscape Architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles) and Plataforma Panorâmica, next to the railway line, and the tree-lined road on Alameda dos Oceanos, between Gare do Oriente (a train station in Lisbon) and the Expo’98 site. Concomitantly, the pedestrian promenade was built along Parque das Nações marina, which managed to integrate and harmoniously highlight natural shapes in a densely built environment. After the International Expo, between 2000 and 2001, Vibeiras undertook its largest project in this area, the Tejo e Trancão Urban Park, designed by one of the most recognised landscape architects of the new generation, João Nunes. Covering 18 hectares, the largest green area of Parque das Nações covers an exceptional setting with the Vasco da Gama Bridge, a 17-kilometre bridge over the waters of the extensive Tagus river estuary, connecting northern and southern Portugal. With the goal of providing integrated and sustainable services in the medium/long term, Vibeiras has maintained maintenance contracts for Parque das Nações green areas for several years. This includes spaces designed by Vibeiras itself as well as others.

Engil and Mota-Engil Construction Group

The solid reputation and portfolio that Vibeiras has built up in less than a decade have attracted the attention of various Portuguese and foreign economic groups that have been able to recognise its potential for growth and dynamism. Vibeiras reacted positively to the approach of the Engil construction group, which became the majority shareholder in 1999. The situation would change again with the acquisition of Engil by Mota e Companhia, becoming Mota-Engil, Portugal’s largest construction group. The company became even bigger and important, without ever losing its enthusiasm and ability to respond to new challenges. Best Company of the Year 2005 of the District of Santarém Vibeiras was the recipient of the “Best Company of the Year 2005” award. This award is part of an initiative of a leading newspaper of the Central region of Portugal and of the Nersant Business Association. It was awarded in a public ceremony attended by several local councillors and entrepreneurs. This distinction was the result of good economic performance indicators in 2005, such as Turnover, Net Job Creation, Use of New Technologies, Foreign Market Relations and the investment in the company’s Certification.


In line with market developments, Vibeiras has implemented an expansion plan since 2006, in terms of internationalisation and business diversification, by exploring new areas of expertise. Áreagolfe was incorporated in 2007, aiming to increase Vibeiras presence in the golf industry, involving the construction, maintenance and technical consultancy areas. Since its creation, Vibeiras has designed and renovated six golf courses as well as providing maintenance for three others, ensuring a significant portfolio of projects and consolidating its business.

Corporate Bodies

Board of Directors

Name: Pedro Vieira Neves
Position: CEO

Name: Pedro Pereira
Position: Vogal