Recruitment Policy

At Vibeiras we look for professionalism and common sense! We critically review work processes to ensure their quality, solve problems that can impact quality, ensure that project and service results meet all requirements and expectations!

We promote new ideas, challenge the status quo, take risks, support change, encourage innovation, solve problems creatively. We focus our work on new organizational processes and methods, with the aim of achieving efficiency gains, empowering and being an engine of competitiveness. We want to do more and better! We face the present and the future with boldness and confidence, and we assume, in a determined and committed manner, new challenges that contribute to the Organization’s growth.

We guarantee that the ambitious goals are reached through the contribution of all the business units and that the Team’s vitality results from the congregation and proactive sharing of the wisdom and strength necessary to overcome new challenges. We adapt to changes, overcome obstacles and resist the pressure of adverse situations to find strategic solutions, overcoming daily adversities.

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