Following a sustained growth strategy, Vibeiras decided to expand and diversify its services regarding the agricultural sector in 2020, as a response to market needs, given the challenges of the new EU framework, based on installed production capacity and expertise gained over the years.

This new business area has the mission to be economically efficient, technologically innovative, environmentally responsible and socially fair.

Our goal is to become a leading company in the agricultural sector, widely recognized as the best option by customers, employees, suppliers and investors for the quality of our management and services.

Our services cover a wide range of expertise and fields such as construction, road infrastructure, electrical infrastructure and telecommunications, earthworks, soil remediation, installation of irrigation and drainage systems, plantations, fuel management, deforestation, mowing grasslands, mechanical harvesting, plant protection treatments, pruning, as well as projects of environmental interest such as carbon sequestration and irrigation water efficiency.

We have increased the supply and quality of our services with the creation of partnerships with two technological innovation companies in the field of Precision Agriculture and Water Efficiency, respectively, which allows us to use management platforms for the efficient use of resources and production estimates based on a set of data from different sources.

With this range of transversal services, we seek to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, undertaking a commitment towards continuous improvement of Quality, Safety, Environment, sustainability and social responsibility.

Agroforestry and Sustainability

Parks and Gardens

Road Infrastructures

Railway Infrastructures


Sports Turf

Dryject technology