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Vibeiras Marrocos,



Lot El Anssari 135 2ème étage • Dar Boouazza
27223 Casablanca • MAROC

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tél: +212 615 657 382
fax: +212 522 290 241

Vibeiras Marrocos

Vibeiras began its activity in Morocco in January 2011, following the granting by the City of Casablanca of a maintenance contract for green spaces, with a duration of three years, in three urban lots of the city – the zones of Marris and Ansa.

After this first contract Vibeiras was awarded a second one related to services of pruning of trees and alignment of palms, in those same lots of Marris and Ansa in Casablanca.

The expansion of Vibeiras to Morocco is part of the internationalization strategy of the company and is the result of the commercial promotion work performed in the year of 2010 for public and private entities.

The promotion work is now expanding unto new areas of the country, namely in Rabat and Marrakech.

The expectations regarding new business opportunities and the growth of the activity are in fact high, partly due to the large number of public tenders (besides the ones foreseen) in the areas for urban, environmental and sport requalification, but also due to the investments of the private sector, as it can seen by the growing number of hotels, luxury condominiums and golf courses, in a clear commitment of the country to high-quality tourism.

The new branch has its office in Casablanca and has transferred its technical team from Portugal, which is currently supervising the works, as well as the several machines and equipments in Morocco.